WRS Wet Road Sensor

WRS is an innovation based on a physical effect, thanks to which WRS is reliable, sensible and specific.

WRS responds to the increasing demand in securitization

The studies of accidents point out a greater risk on wet roads.
There are many ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) to indicate a lack in adherence of the tyre on the macadam. The car then may automatically adapt the brakes, engine, lights etc
But there is nowadays very few systems to warn before the sliding.

This problematic is a key point for autonomous vehicles

Some sensors detect water on the road using optical absorption phenomena (Marwis®, Road Eye Sensor®…) but they are voluminous and expensive
Some others are on study using the sound (Porsche…) or image recognition (Continental®, Tesla…)

WRS is cost effective, reliable, sensible and specific

WRS detects a wet road. This paramount information enables the driver to adapting his driving (slowing, increasing distance with the car ahead, softening the braking and acceleration…)

WRS is a new market for the equipment manufacturers considering it fits all type of actual vehicles.
It will be essential in the next future for autonomous vehicles.

Technical specs

WRS is a new type of input based on a patented invention.
It is based on a physical measure and needs very few calculation capacity

WRS detects dry, humid or wet road and sends the data to the driver or automatically to the central processor of the car via the busCAN for example.

The system is very sensitive and can detect humidity on the macadam even at very low speed.

condition of the road observation

WRS analyses the macadam

Detection of wet road and sending of the data

WRS discriminates humid, wet, dry road and sends the data

the driver and/or the central processor receives the info

data is received and processed so that the driver and/or the car can adapt the driving

WRS detects wet road and increased the security of the road users

The first cost effective Wet Road Sensor to be fixed under everybody’s car. WRS is an innovation based on material measurement which makes this new ADAS simple, reliable, sensible and specific.

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